Frequently asked questions

How should you dress for a balloon flight?
Normal leisure clothing is adequate. A cap is a good idea, for head protection. Warm clothes and footwear in the winter. We might end up on damp grassfields, so choose your footwear according to that (no high heels). While airborne, it is seldom very cold, because we travel with the wind. It might get a bit chilly after the flight, though. In the winter the landing field is propably covered with snow.

Where does the program start?
In Helsinki we meet at Malmi Airport. From here we travel together, with our mini-bus, to a suitable launch-field. We choose the launch-point according to weather and wind. Also other traffic and flight activity has to be considered at the route planning. We always fly in Helsinki / at the coast, when it is possible. We have many beautiful launch-fields in the Helsinki region. If the winds blow towards the sea, then we move the route a bit inlands. Examples of our inlands launch-fields: Nurmijärvi, Rajamäki, Hyvinkää, Mäntsälä, Järvenpää. Meetings and launches elsewhere in Finland upon agreement.

Where do we land?
The exact point of landing is unknown in advance. The pilot knows, however, the wind directon, and plans the flight according to that. Good places for landing are open fields, where no damage is done. After the flight we provide transportation back to the meeting point.

Can you steer the balloon?
The balloon cannot be steered, it travels with the wind. The wind directions usually change a bit with altitude, so you can "steer" by climbing or descending.

What are the weather restrictions?
Ballooning is very weather dependent. We cancel / postpone at winds over 10 kts (5 m/s), rain, thunderstorm, bad visibility, low cloud. So you can be sure you will fly in nice weather. We check the forecasts in advance. Sometimes a flight might be cancelled as late as from the launch-field.

Is it cold up there?
No, on our flight altitude it is not any colder than on the ground. As we ride with the wind, you will not feel any draft at all. After the flight it can become a bit chilly, as we often land close to sunset time. In the winter we recommend warm clothing and good warm footwear.

What if the winds blow towards the sea?
In that case we plan the route a bit inlands.

Is ballooning safe?
Ballooning is relatively safe. Balloon fly only in good weather conditions, and movements are slow. The technology is very simple, there is not much that can go wrong. All passengers are insured according to the requirements.

Is it allowed to take pictures from the air?
Yes. Nowadays there are no restrictions. Check films, batteries, memorycards etc. prior to your flight. Binoculars might be nice to have also.

How far do we fly ?
We fly as far as the wind, will carry us in approx. 1 hour, so it depends entirely of the wind-speed at cruising altitude. Typically we travel about 10-25 kms, but this can vary a lot.

Do you take care of all transportations?
You just have to show up at our meeting-point at the time agreed. From there we take care of all transports to the launch-field and back after the flight.

Are there any age limitations for ballooning ?
The Aviation Authority recommends an age limit of 6. We are happy to discuss possibilities with the parents. There is no upper age limitation, but it is a good idea to discuss with us about personal limitations and handicaps.

I am afraid of heights, can i fly in a balloon?
Initially some people are worried about heights. Soon after take-off they will get over it and enjoy the flight. Sometimes passengers aren't even aware they have left the ground. As the balloon is moving with the wind, there is no turbulence so that you could not possibly fall out of the basket. The ride is so smooth that you hardly feel the slightest breeze. If you can fly in an airplane, you certainly can fly in a balloon also.