We fly passengers, mainly in Helsinki and Turku, with surroundings. High season is from May to September.

Flights in Helsinki and Turku

Flight schedule
In the summer season, the flights take place at evenings. During daytime ballooning is not possible due to thermals, gusting and turbulence. Our program starts with a meeting about three hours before sunset (evening flights) or at dawn (morning flights). Flights will be cancelled / postponed if the weather conditions are not suitable, i.e. wind is too strong, bad visibility, rain or risk for thunderstorm.

Flight arrangements and program
Our meeting locations: Helsinki: Malmi Airport, Turku: Tuomiokirkontori (the Cathedral square). (elsewhere upon agreement). First we drive together, with our minibus, to a suitable launch-field. We fly always over the city / at the coast, when it is possible. If the winds blow towards the sea, we move the route inlands, as necessary. Everybody, who wants, is welcomed to participate in the preparations. After the flight we celebrate with a sparkling drink. A certificate will be handed to all participants. The ride back to the meeting place is, of course, also included in the program. We will be airborned for about 1 hour, but please reserve 5 hours for the whole event.

Clothing and equipment
Normal leasure clothing should be enough, most of the time. After the flight / sunset it might get a bit chilly. It might be moist on our launch- / landing-fields. Check also your camera/film/memorycard/batteries. Read more in our FAQ section

Group sizes
We have 4 balloons in our fleet. The capacities are 14, 9, 6 and 2 passengers. You can book for only one, or more persons, as necessary. Often we fly more than one balloon at the same time.

Meeting times
Meeting is about three hours prior to sunset.

15.5.-25.5. (18.30)
26.5.-22.7 (19.00)
23.7.-3.8. (18.30)
4.8.-14.8. (18.00)
26.8.-4.9. (17.00)
5.9.-13.9. (16.30)

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